When seconds count, a clear view matters.

The only laryngoscope with fully integrated suction.

On-demand suction

The Inscope’s completely unique integrated and controllable suction removes secretions from the patient’s airway providing a clear view.

One-handed operation

Operating entirely by the left-hand, the Inscope frees up the right-hand to focus on endotracheal tube placement.

Ergonomic design

Designed in collaboration with over 100 physicians and paramedics, the Inscope handle design provides a comfortable, secure grip for clinicians.

Single-use, but durable

The Inscope is completely disposable, eliminating infection risk.

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Intubation is challenging.

For clinicians, intubation currently requires more than two hands. With the laryngoscope in the left-hand, the right-hand must toggle between the suction catheter and endotracheal tube to clear secretions. The Inscope simplifies this complicated, but critical procedure for clinicians.

For patients, this rapid exchange of equipment results in delays and multiple intubation attempts. A study by TC Mort, shows a direct correlation between the number of intubation attempts and increased rate of complications. Patient care is improved by increased first-pass intubation success.

For hospitals, infection control is an on-going issue. Concerns of contaminated scopes in particular are rising. The Inscope’s sterile, single-use design eliminates infection risk and reprocessing costs.

Inscope® Video, coming in 2017.

Coming in 2017, the Inscope Video Laryngoscope: wireless video view can be streamed to your tablet. The Inscope Video will feature all of the innovative aspects of the the Inscope Direct in a single-use, wireless video version.

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