The Inscope® Direct should be used for any intubation when you would use an adults MAC style direct laryngoscope.
The Inscope® Direct is a MAC 3.5.
The Inscope® Direct can withstand 40 lbs of pressure at the tip without breaking. This is far more pressure than clinicians will use on a patient. It is made of a glass-filled plastic, making it extra strong and preventing it from flexing under pressure.
After use, dispose of the device according to your hospital’s waste management policies for biohazard waste. The batteries inside the device are low voltage alkaline button batteries, which can be safely thrown away.
The devices come in boxes of 10, but they are individually packaged.
Effective brightness is guaranteed for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the light is still bright, but the brightness will reduce over time.

You need standard 1/4 inch internal diameter (or larger) suction tubing and a powered suction source (like wall suction or portable battery powered suction) to use the device. The device will not work properly with a hand pump suction.
Please fill out a product issue form and an Inscope representative will respond within 48 hours. If this issue requires immediate attention, please call +1-844-396-2645.